The Border Crisis Nobody Asked For

The crisis at the border that everyone from the media to the President himself is talking about, was 100% preventable. It was a fire created by the Trump administration and extinguished by them later on. This fire that I am referring to is the separation that took place between children and migrant families at the border.
A zero tolerance policy was being enforced by the Trump administration, which enabled the separations. After word got out that children were being kept in cages and some were screaming for their parents, Trump told Congress to make a change to the law that has allegedly been in place for years. He later changed his mind and signed an executive order that reunited many families.
Many people do agree that splitting up families is a fair punishment for people illegally crossing the border. But this raises the question if immigrant families pose a threat to the nation. Long story short, they do not. If there is no clear victim, there is no crime. Drug and human trafficking, those are majors issues that harm many people every day. The border is used to transport drugs and people against their will.
The media and the government at its highest level does not put its focus on this. They are more concerned about individuals and families peacefully walking across the border seeking a better life. Instead of arresting or detaining these people, the government needs to make it easier for these undocumented immigrants to become legal. If Donald Trump is keen on getting rid of unnecessary regulations, then he should streamline the years long process of becoming a citizen. If he is concerned about if the immigrants coming are dangerous, his administration should look into stronger vetting processes, instead of having zero tolerance.
Even if there is a vetting process, many still think that no amnesty should be granted to those who cross illegally. Those people are forgetting that asylum is legal, and that is more than just something made up by a liberal immigration lawyer. If someone identifies as a refugee, they can qualify for asylum, which grants them political protection.
That leaves the question of why these people are leaving their country in the first place. Some of the countries that these people are coming from, like Honduras in Central America, have violent gangs, human trafficking and unstable government. Some suggest that we go into these countries and ‘fix’ their problems so their people come here. This would be a major mistake. Pouring our money into other nations has always worked out well (if you cannot tell by now I am being very sarcastic). The easiest thing for our country to do is to make it faster for more people to become legal, and more importantly, productive members of American society legally.
As for the issues that take place on the border, it is needed to have border patrol and the national guard present. People spreading harmful drugs and selling their fellow humans as slaves into American territory belong in cages. Young children and their families looking for the American values stated in the Declaration of Independence of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” do not.

-Cameron Arcand

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