White House to Big Brother House: Omarosa and the Reality TV Presidency

A month ago the top story was that Omarosa Newman, a friend of Donald Trump and contestant on The Apprentice, was fired from the White House. Then she appears on Celebrity Big Brother this month, and if you research the process it takes to get on the show, the timing seems about right for her to leave the public eye. In her time in the house she’s mentioned that things are “not okay” in the Trump administration. Although not a positive remark, it keeps Trump in Americans minds. Everywhere they turn.

In the Art of the Deal, he believes that “all press is good press”, so Omarosa could simply be a pawn in his plan to keep his name constantly relevant. She is not the first person that goes straight to the television cameras after leaving the White House. Corey Lewandowski was hired by CNN shortly after being fired as his campaign manager, and Anthony Scaramucci appears on television regularly to comment on the latest White House drama. My point is clearly highlighted by Omarosa and Scaramucci, dynamic personalities who would be a strong reminder of the Trumps administrations presence in American government. It does seem like an odd but rather obvious solution to handle his issues with the media, having his own people taking it over.

It is insane that we have people leaving the White House to go onto a TV show. That should not be happening, but the White House you can say is being ran like a reality TV show. With constant tensions and firings, are you watching the news or Survivor? Although It is good for people to have varying ideas as to how the country should be ran in the White House, but there should be order in the place where the most important decisions in the world could be being made. Reality shows are meant for entertainment. Government is not. 

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