The Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer is a liberal billionaire who is known for his advertisements on things such as climate change. His latest venture, trying to get Donald Trump impeached. He is doing this by spending $20 million on televised messages to the American people, listing losing backed reasons as to why Trump is unfit to be President. In his most recent ad, he exaggerated nearly all of his points.

When talking about Trump’s crusade against fake news, Steyer pointed out that “in direct violation of the Constitution, he’s… threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth.” Although the President himself cannot take down media companies, a department of the Executive Branch certainly can. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “prohibits holders of broadcast licenses from broadcasting false information concerning a crime or catastrophe if…the licensee knows beforehand that broadcasting the information will cause substantial “public harm” ( Last Friday, ABC news inaccurately reported that candidate Donald Trump ordered Michael Flynn to have direct contact with the Russians.

Shortly afterwards, the stock market went down 350 points. ABC later made a correction, and of course Trump tweeted about it. Brian Ross, the anchor who made the comment, was suspended by ABC. However, the FCC did have good reason to take away their license by causing temporary economic panic. But the stir that would have been caused is far too great and unnecessary. The main idea is that they still could have if they wanted to, and it would be completely constitutional.

Continuing on, the ‘Resistance’ members who signed Tom Steyer’s petition are still giving power to ‘the man’. Steyer is a billionaire who has had a major influence on California politics for years. Now he is mulling a run against Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat who has proved to be a moderate in the Trump era. To those who consider who consider the President to be power hungry, Tom Steyer is not much different. It is clear that after years of managing hedge funds and donating to the left, he only has one goal: to gain power. Aside from his TV messages and his creation of NextGen America, he has kept out of the limelight. Once he is, it is unfathomable what might be revealed about him. With years of dealing with the 1%’s dollars, there is much cause for suspicion.

If you are part of the so-called ‘Resistance’, then feel free to sign any petition and donate wherever you want- except to him. Despite being on the other side of the aisle, he has the same values that you believe Donald Trump has; greedy and secretive. 

Photo credit: NextGen Climate

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