Rep. Mimi Walters, Tax Reform, and her District

Congresswoman Mimi Walters has a BIG problem- connecting to her constituents. She serves the people of three Orange County cities including Irvine, Tustin, and Mission Viejo. This week, she voted in favor of tax reform. Other nearby Republican Representatives, Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher, voted against the bill.
Many in the area will be forced to pay higher taxes, unlike the rest of the country. The most popular deduction they are losing is the SALT deduction. It can deduct state and local property and real estate taxes, also state and local income or sales taxes. In areas like Orange County where house prices are significantly higher than average compared to the rest of the nation, this deduction can help a lot of people.
The major problem is that although Orange County is upper middle class, the cost of living outweighs nearly everything else. Same goes for New York state, where Republican Rep. Peter King has actively spoken out against the bill.

This bill is simply a crusade against states that voted Democratic in the 2016 election to get them to vote differently in 2020. If people in blue states notice that their taxes are going up in addition to the one their state keeps piling on, then they will turn to Republicans for lower tax rates.
Now, back to Mimi Walters. She has shown that she only votes for party, not population. A more specific example of her not connecting to her constituents was shown at the Veterans Day event in Irvine this month, where she used veterans as a photo op/political hack and left shortly afterward. Not to mention the fact that her every move was being shadowed by an entourage of aids. The Congresswoman will have a tough time getting re-elected in 2018, as she displayed that she does not consider the needs of her people. Many Democrats are looking for her position, including Kia Hamadancy, who would be the first Iranian American in Congress if elected. As it gets closer to the New Year, it is likely another Republican will try to contest her seat. And if you are potential Republican candidate who is willing to do more than just vote with party, please run. Orange County needs you.

-Cameron A.

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