Meet Kevin De Leon. The candidate for Senator of California for 2018.

Meet Kevin de Leon. The 50-year-old California Senate Leader is the first Democrat to challenge Feinstein in the 2018 race. His goals include helping underserved areas, taking his viewpoints from his experience of having a single immigrant mother.
In his launch video, he mentions that “they [the Californian people] want a job, they want a sense of security so they can provide for themselves and their family.” His voting record includes voting ‘Yea’ on the new Sanctuary state law and to increase gas and diesel prices as much as $0.20 a gallon.
If he were to be elected to the United States Senate, he could possibly be another politician to simply block legislation, which would not be of any help to our nation. However, he might be a refreshing change from Dianne Feinstein, who has been in the position since 1992.
For many years now, Democrats have a tendency to claim that they want to help communities that are crime filled and poverty-stricken, yet it is very rare that you see any change actually taking place. 2015 saw a 21% increase in murder for the city of Chicago. One of Obama’s main campaign promises was that he would help his hometown, but nothing happened. Of course, that was the most cliche example I could possibly give. That does not make the claim false. Everyone hopes that the politician that they vote for will essentially swoop in and fix everything by the end of their term. For Liberals, hopes of social justice and equality are the ideals. As for Conservatives, they want to assure that they will be in a better financial state. The truth is that almost no elected official (at least in terms of the federal government) will ever wave a magic wand and their district or state will become a utopia. This is because the grime of Washington sinks in. When a state has an opportunity to elect a new Senator, in this case, it is vital that the voters take a look at what the politician really has done in their time in public life, whether that be in government or other affairs.
To conclude, California voters have choices to make in 2018. I encourage all of them to take a look at each candidate (whether it be Feinstein, de Leon, or a Republican candidate) and see what they can do for them and their state. Popular sovereignty is only successful when the voters are truly electing those who are meeting their interests.
For Kevin de Leon’s voting record click here.
For Senator Feinstein’s voting record click here.
Photo credit: Sarah Palacios

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