Who should the next to go in the White House?

The Facts

After only 11 days into his post as communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, or ‘The Mooch,’ as he is known as on Twitter, was fired. This happened due to John Kelly, the former Homeland Security Secretary, becoming the President’s Chief of Staff. John Kelly reportedly did not want Scaramucci as communications director. It is unknown as to whether it was because he wanted to work with a clean slate, or because of his explicit comments in his interview with The New Yorker.


The Opinion

Anthony Scaramucci made a major mistake by talking poorly about his co-workers in his interview with The New Yorker. Many are comparing the White House to “Survivor” because of how fragile jobs can be. Scaramucci should have kept that in mind while talking with the newspaper, as his position was put in jeopardy because of it.

Over the past six months, Reince Priebus did not assume a very visible role inside the White House. John Kelly, who is a four star general, brings a new sense of order to the White House. Kelly has already made a name for himself after holding the position for only a day, due to the major staff changes he has made. It is unknown if he will force any more personnel to leave the administration, but the real question is, who should be the next one to go?  

This question could be as simple or complex as anyone wants it to be. But to break it down, let’s take a look at some of the major advisors and other officials in the Trump administration.


Steve Bannon

Role in White House: Chief Strategist/Senior Counselor to the President

Bio: One of the founders of Breitbart News

Why he should go: Part of the Alt-Right movement, which makes the administration less popular.


Kellyanne Conway

Role in White House: Counselor to the President

Bio: One of Donald Trump’s campaign managers (the one who brought him to victory at the end of the election), former political commentator.  

Why she should go: Although she has been a loyal supporter of the President, she has caused much controversy by saying things like “Buy Ivanka Stuff” on Sunday morning political shows, causing many people to think the President is more concerned with his family’s businesses than serving the American people.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Role in the White House: The new Press Secretary after Sean Spicer’s reginsation

Bio: Former Deputy White House Press Secretary, daughter of Mike Huckabee, worked in communications during the Trump campaign.

Why she should go: Sanders is the person who the press sees daily, therefore making a large impression on the American people. If the citizens do not think she is doing a good job, then the administration’s popularity lessens.


Looking at the three people above, it appears that Steve Bannon would be the best option to leave. Sure, he has been keeping out of the public eye during his time as advisor, but that could mean that he has a good reason to stay away from publicity, perhaps concerning something more fishy going on in the White House. Although we are only looking from an outside perspective, it seems like his exit would ease chaos, as well as gain the administration more support (anyone remember the saying ‘Ban Bannon’?).


The reason why I am stressing popularity with the people is because at the end of the day, what the American people think of the President and his staff is the most important thing. Citizens are the ones that get affected by every executive order and bill the Executive branch carries out. They are also the people who determine whether or not Donald Trump gets reelected. This factor is critical when it comes to who should leave the White House next, if anyone. Cleary, John Kelly is trying to steer the White House away from the direction of Russia theories and scandals, amongst other things.


Who do you think should be the next to go in the White House? We want to know. Take the poll on the front page to voice your opinion.


Photo credits: Gage Skidmore and White House


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